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feels like butta crochet blanket

I love them all but I’m pretty partial to Ice, Pale Grey, and Teal. I think my fave colors qould have to be duaty blue, teal, and ice. I love the dark pink color. Scissors. ... Knitting and Crochet. I loved using the Baby Soft Boucle yarn for a fun accent to the security blanket portion to add in some color and texture. JUst found your blog… some fantastic stuff you post! I like the bright teals and that white seems like it’s just to die for. Wow…..can’t wait to try this Yarn! Red is my favorite over all, but I am loving all of them. Apr 4, 2018 - Feels Like Butta is our new favorite feel of fiber, and we hope you'll fall in love, too! ... Knitting and Crochet. Thank you for sharing. The American Academy of Pediatrics warns not to put anything soft in a babies crib, so like any other blanket, a crochet baby blanket needs to be used with parental supervision. This looks like an awesome yarn to use. The Yellow looks like my new favorite color! From the amazing texture to the simple stitches this is a blanket pattern you will come back to time and time again. I think those would make gorgeous blankets!! I love the teal and pale pink colors! May 12, 2018 - Explore these 5 FREE crochet patterns that all feature Lion Brand Feels Like Butta Yarn. Love pastel colors and neutral. Will look for this at my favorite yarn shops. . Those shades ???? The ad-supported version of this pattern is, Half Double Crochet Infinity Scarf Pattern, Emily Diagonal Beanie Crochet Hat Pattern, Learn more about our policies and disclosures, Less than 100 yards of Feels Like Butta in White or any, Learn how to change colors in crochet with this, Make a different size by working a starting chain in a multiple of 2 + 2. Pattern Craft. I like all of them! Do you have crochet on utube? I love these, would love to feel them! So beautiful!! I love the white. Article from lionbrand.com. Maybe lilac or pink to make something for my baby girl.. Love the light blue color have been wanting to make a triangle wrap for the longest. I’m pregnant right now and would love to make something for my baby girl or maybe something for myself with it. Going to have to get my hands on some of this! I’ll always be a black kind of girl.. the contrast is amazing! I’ll help you get started to turn your hobby into a money-making career with my free “Start a Blog” guide. I also love the teal and dusty pink colors as well. It is extremely cozy feeling and glides easily on and off a crochet hook. Can. (97), Row 11 -19: Join in Color A, Repeat Row 3. This yarn looks perfect for baby items. it looks sooo pretty!! Mar 3, 2018 - Feels Like Butta is our new favorite feel of fiber, and we hope you'll fall in love, too! Can this be made using a 6 yarn like Bernat blanket? Blanket. I like the at least have a plan for a skein before purchasing. I use butta with everything, it makes sense to use it with my projects . Blanket, Hoodie. Due to the nature of Butta being brand new, there aren’t tons of patterns using it yet. 4 Ply Crochet Patterns. 5 out of 5 stars. All of the color are so beautiful, it’s hard to choose! 4 ply yarn is a lovely weight to use for crocheting, and we have lots of 4 ply crochet patterns that'll show off your beautifully defined stitches to their best advantage. The teal looks amazing! I LOVE all of them!!! My favorite color of the butta yarn is pink! Sounds like wonderful yarn. This companion video will show you the first few rows of the stitch combination that was used in the beginner crochet lap blanket patterns design. It’s classic ripple stitch goodness that works with just about all yarns no matter what the weight or texture. Loving the Charcoal! Winning 12 skeins would be awesome. This yarn looks amazing. Right now, I’m liking the yellow because it’s so cheery. I really want to meet some of it in person to see the colors and feel the softness everyone’s claiming. <3. Download Free Pattern Share. My favorite color is the pale pink in the cardigan. Just like the name, this yarn feels like butter, a velvety feel of chenille without the chenille challenges. The teal is calling my name! All Rights Reserved. The details of your review are super informative, and help me decide what I want to make with this yarn. Teal and pink my fav. Feels Like Butta Yarn Crochet Patterns - Easy Crochet. Can’t wait to try this Butta yarn! (10 cm). Can’t wait to try out this yarn, it looks amazing. LOve all your patterns and work! Though my favorite color is blue. Yay – can never have enough yarn. Ohhhh this yarn sounds heavenly! Lion Brand® Feels Like Butta Bonus Bundle® Crochet Flower Motif Blanket Pattern Number: L90209 For thousands of free patterns, visit our website www.LionBrand.com To order visit our website www.lionbrand.com or call: (800) 258 … It’s got a … Dusty blue would be a favorite. $5.99. ❤️. ???????? Dusty blue is probably my favorite color for the Feels like butta yarn but I love the Pink and Teal too! Teal, lilac or pink…I can’t decide! its such a fun colour! For this blanket, I used 4 different colors of the Lion Brand Feels Like Butta Yarn – two skeins of each color are required. Love love this pattern. It’s amazing what you do. My favorite Fells Like Butta color is white! Double Crochet (DC): Double Crochet Video Tutorial, Single Crochet (SC): Single Crochet Written Tutorial, Half Double Crochet (HDC): Half Double Crochet Video Tutorial. I been following you on instagram and i have wip bkanket in saw in your instagram post. Feels like spring! If you’d prefer the ready to print PDF pattern that is available for the price of a fancy coffee if not keep on scrolling down to find the blanket pattern. I love this yarn so much! An Introduction Hi, hello! With 18 crave-able colors, we can't wait to cast on. I love the teal colorway. Really all of them. Treat a crochet blanket the same you would any other blanket with a baby. , I like them all but dusty pink is my fave for the spring:). Oh my, They are all so beautiful but my favorite color has to be the Dusty Rose. Would love to try this yarn to make myself a hat I have to have a spot of skin cancer removed from my scalp and a skin graft done so a nice soft yarn would be great. Thanks for the chance! Aaaaahhh, this yarn sounds lovely!! Dusty Blue & Teal are beautiful! I love the Pink and Ice colors! I’m currently working on the everyday crochet cardigan in the gnome colorway of mandala. Lion Brand's Feel Like Butta was created with babies in mind and with a pastel, fashionable palette creates beautifully soft garments and accessories. I got Dusty Blue in my Happy Yarn Mail box, which I love! Thank you for this giveaway! Thanks for the fun giveaway! I want to try this yarn so badly! ???? A lot of polyester chenille-style yarns shred and lose their fuzziness as you work with it and it’s kept me away from yarns like this in the past, but Feels Like Butta does none of that! I love the spring colors but a good charcoal is always a favorite! I really like “Teal”. I can’t wait to try this yarn. DC – double crochet. The mint one is calling my name! Oh my, would love to try this yarn. But love the neutrals as well. A Crochet Happy Place! I really cannot decide!! It’s always interesting to look at the ply/structure of yarn. Just finished making this in the throw size, and I love it. She was right! Feels Like Butta Bonus Bundle - 123. Cora Chevron Blanket (Crochet) SKU: L90211. They’re all nice but my favorite color of Feels Like Butta yarn is mint. Thank you for the giveaway & free patterns! Love them all, but I think teal is my favorite. She will be born on May 2018. I’ve never tried this yarn!! Explore But, I noticed when I got home, that my roll doesn’t have the dark charcoal and ice blue that your blanket has, which really adds some lovely contrast. Lion Brand Yarn Feels Like Butta Yarn, Pale…. Tough to choose between charcoal and cranberry! I made the Jane throw and love it as it goes perfectly with my couch. Oh my gosh it’s so hard to pick one favorite! About the shop. Looking forward to trying this yarn. So scrumptious! The Simple Lap Blanket Pattern. I like the Dusty Pink and Cranberry best, but they are all gorgeous. Dusty rose. This yarn is like no yarn I have ever felt before! Gorgeous! What an amazing list of pattens! My favorite colour of Butta is Royal Blue! my favorite color is all of them. The photos of this show a chained yarn, not a cabled yarn. I’m working with this right now! Paired with dusty rose and gray, I can think of several projects that would be beautiful. I made it a little longer and decided I wanted it a little wider as well. Beautiful new yarn! 5 scallops = about 4 in. Polyester. This looks soooo yummy!! • Lion Brand® Feels Like Butta Bonus Bundle® (Art. The pale grey is so beautiful! Just enter the proper information in the Rafflecopter widget below to enter. When I think of polyester I think of something plasticky and, well, cheap. I cantvwsit to experiment with this yarn. Happy Crocheting! Size: About 32 x 32 in. ???? Wow. Just gorgeous! Really want to try this yarn – the yellow is calling me. This yarn looks great, can’t wait to try it! I don’t really have a favorite color of Butta yarn as I’ve never tried it before. I will make it in pink grey and white. 8 (16) Lion Brand Yarn Feels Like Butta in Pale Grey 100 g/skein Find the convenient kit (including the yarn and pattern) in several colors here. I’m seeing a multi color striped something with this yarn. I’ve wanted to work with this yarn for awhile now! I love the colors teal, dark blue and the red!! Below are some crochet and knit patterns using Feels Like Butta Yarn – they’re free, enjoy! Article from lionbrand.com. I’ve been obsessed with teal and turquoise lately so I the teal caught my eye. Love all the color choices. I love the colour choices too. thanks for reviewing this product. SKU: 215-113. My favorite color of the Butta Yarn is the Teal with Royal Blue in a close 2nd. To start: With Color A, Ch 98. All of the colors are stunning but the teal makes my heart skip a beat! Materials. One of the newest yarns from Lion Brand is Feels like Butta and is one of the softest fibers that I have had the pleasure of working with. Can’t wait wait to try it! I love the Medium Blue, it would make a great sweater. Feels Like Butta yarn isn’t spun in the normal 2 or 4 ply twist that we see with most commercially made yarns, its structure is more like a cord structure. The entire blanket is made using a Half-Shell Crochet stitch. This looks like fun to work with! blanket for her babies! Charcoal is such a versatile colour, would love to work with it. This yarn looks fabulous. EasyCrochet.com has partnerships with services including, but not limited to Lion Brand Yarn and Amazon.com. Can’t wait to win. LION BRAND® FEELS LIKE BUTTA® #108 Dusty Blue 2 balls (A) #178 Teal 2 balls (B) #100 White 2 balls (C) #101 Pink 2 balls (D) #140 Dusty Pink 2 balls (E) LION BRAND® crochet hook size H-8; LION BRAND® large-eyed blunt needle ; SIZE: About 32"x 36" GAUGE: 4 V-sts = about 3". 4 Medium. Im loving the summer colours and red … always red x. I’m loving the teal and gold yellow type colorway. This would be awesome to win to make my baby something!!! Cranberry is a favorite color, love red too. The perfect addition to an heirloom blanket, my new Crochet Eyelet Granny Square FREE Pattern - in contribution to The Traveling Afghan Square project by Alexi from Two of Wands! Explore these 5 FREE crochet patterns that all feature Lion Brand Feels Like Butta Yarn. I absolutely love the dusty rose and blue. Thank you for the chance to win. I can’t wait to feel how soft it is! Do you know of any of the big chain stores that sell it? ???? So many colour choices! And I definitely see a sweater made of this in my future. I love the soft texture of … I want to play with this stuff so bad. Love your posts and blog. I like teal grey and white yellow I like it all lol. I wanna touch a skein so badly! You are welcome Dana! Love your site! Thanks for the Butta Pattern Round up ☺. I have had my eye on this yarn since your first post about it. Did you by any chance grab Horseshoe or something else also? After some online digging, it looks like this type of spinning is called “cable plied” yarn, and is spun to create a strand that is virtually un-split-able (that’s definitely not a word). Sounds like a fabulous new yarn. My brother was cuddling into the finished blanket on my parents couch after I gave it to them. I love the mint green and the lilac colors! Level 2 - Easy (Beginner+) Project Type. They all look fabulous though and I can’t wait to try them all! Can’t wait to get my hands on some and try it out! This yarn sounds amazing! One Size. Love the blues; working with the dark pink right now. The pinks are my favorite. Need something light and happy. I love them all, but mint, lemon, ice, and dusty pink stand out to me. My favorites are the blues. I love the gray and want to make the sweater with it! I think it would be fun to make a throw for the couch. Great giveaway. I love that teal color. My favorite color is the one that came in our March Yarn Mail! Very pretty. When I hosted a little giveaway for my followers over on Instagram for some Feels Like Butta yarn, you guys went nuts! And the yarn looks so soft even in the pictures. Pattern uses approximately 800 g (1600 g) US Size K, 6.5 mm crochet hook. I think the teal is calling my name! Thanks! Love the teal colors of the new yarn! Oh and the dark blue for the night sky. I love anything pink. It is going to look awesome. I am so glad you like it! This crocheted lap blanket uses a combination of Lion Brand Mandala Tweed Stripes in the color Dragonfly & Lion Brand Feels Like Butta in White. It sounds amazing! Yarn Used. Gauge: Gauge is not terribly important in this project, since it is not a wearable. Oh gosh that light blue color is to die for. Thanks for the chance to win some. Ouffff picking up only one color is hard. Beautiful colors. I’m loving the Lemon and Mint colors! I absolutely love the”ICE” color!! I used the row of single crochets as a base to work into for the main stitch pattern but you can crochet a single crochet row at the end if you’d like. I love the light pink colour but I’ve also been on a black and white kick lately! All the colors look beautiful! (11.5cm)measured from peak to peak; 6 rows = about 4 in. This chart is not meant to show you exact rows of color or yardage. This giveaway is amazing! I really like that dark green/teal color. OMG! You can see below all the beautiful colors that are in this colorway! I did Instagram just to see your site. I am having a tough time picking, but if I were to choose a favorite, especially to make something I’d wear (which I want to do!) They are all awesome! I really want to get my hands on some of this! Can’t wait to try these. A little quicker than a purely single crocheted blanket, the linen stitch still provides a solid and modern-looking fabric, safe for those little baby fingers. Is hard to just choose 1 color, they are all nice colors and each color brings a different item to make. Those teals and blues got me like ???????????? I love the Mint color of it feels like butta. I guess it really depends on what pattern I would use to make something with it. I can’t pick a single color, I am in love the yellow and lemon! Thank you. I like all of the colors, especially maroon. Use. for you guys today featuring my new favorite yarn, Feels Like Butta from Lion Brand Yarn! Have to have it! ???????????? Updated November 30, 2020 by Krista Cagle 15 Comments Advertiser Disclosure   Skip to Pattern. Feels Like Butta looks so yummy!! Just like the name, this yarn feels like butter, a velvety feel of chenille without the chenille challenges. Lovely colors! I want to make a baby blanket for my granddaughter due in July and just got an email for the “feels like Butta” yarn. I’ve made a couple of baby sweaters, hats and mittens with it and it is a wonderful yarn for babies. Bestseller. Size: About 32 x 32 in. Can’t wait to work with it! Thanks. I think the teal would look stunning in the le Nuage wrap! Ooh….love them all but am partial to Dusty Blue. I havent seen it in stores near me yet. I really over the Charcoal Grey and Dusty Blue. Can I make this using Bernat Blanket yarn which is 6, instead of 5? I can’t choose! I highlighted each stitch below so you can learn them fast or do a quick review. Thank you for the chance!! Oh My goodness! I love the teal color and the rose. Thank you for giving me the chance to win this Feels Like Butta yarn! I paired it with Feels Like Butta which is a 100% polyester four weight yarn that is smooth to the touch & again just like the other yarn SO soft! Very cool! I’m loving the teal, charcoal, and cranberry, but honestly one really must try them all! I love the Ice colour.. though they are all beautiful. Crochet Flower Motif Blanket Pattern Number: L90209 . Fantastic patterns! It is a super-soft yarn that can be worn close to the skin. My favorite color of Butta is the cheery yellow one. DIRECTIONS: STITCH EXPLANATION: I just got 6 balls in the light blue color and LOVE this yarn!!! Easy, 5.5 mm (I-9), Blue, Double Crochet, Feels Like Butta, Half Double Crochet, Lion Brand, Mandala, Single Crochet, Weight 4 - Medium. Really, they’re all wonderful!! Thank you so much for this beautiful lap blanket as well as all your patterns. This is modified from a pattern I found years ago on the web. The yarn looks beautiful would really love to win. I’m not partial to any one color. Thanks for the chance to win, Icebis a gorgeous shade! I just love those colors! I first squeezed these skeins during my trip to New York City for the #LBYBloggerBash and couldn’t believe the softness. I like all colors, especially the aqua, and maroon. This Bonaire Baby Blankie comes in 4 pastel shades in Lion Brand Feels Like Butta. ❤ I love the light grey, the mint, the ice, the lilac, and the charcoal grey!! It’s just sooo pretty! Oct 4, 2019 - Want that extra smooth chenille feel without the difficulty of working with chenille? The first row is single so I’d assume the last row would be the same. The pattern uses Lion Brand’s cuddle-worthy Feels Like Butta® Bonus Bundle® yarn. Lion Brand Feels Like Butta yarn (100% polyester, 3.5 oz/100 g, 218 yd/199 m) – 2 skeins each in 108 Dusty Blue (CA), 106 Ice (CB), 156 Mint (CC), and 100 White (CD), or approximately 218 yd (199 m) each in any medium weight yarn. A note for those looking to make this as a throw: I used 5 skeins of the Mandala and less than 1 skein of the butter yarn. What size hook should I use? I will find something to create out of any color. This yarn is so soft! Gauge Pattern: Ch 12 +2, Follow pattern as written below for a total of 10 rows. Can’t find it at my local stores yet though. Exciting! Thank you for such nice crochet patterns and such nice giveaways! I love that it comes in all the pretty pastel colors. I’ve gathered some patterns of mine that would work really well with Butta! I love the dusty rose that came in my happy yarn mail. I would try the mint color – so refreshing and perfect for spring. Lion Brand's Feels Like Butta yarn features the velvety feel of chenille without chenille's challenges. Would love to try it out with your patterns. I’d love to win! I like my Burtta melted and yellow! I’, m in my second pair of sandals ???? Love the colors, especially the Pale Gray.

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