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sennheiser hd 280 pro vs sony mdr v6

For a portable, the iPod has relatively decent output: 30mW/channel, where the typical MiniDisc player puts out only 5mW/channel. The HD280s are 25% heavier and definitely feel at least that much more when they're on my head. The choices I came up with for these uses were the Sony MDR 7506, Sennheiser HD280Pro, Senn. 3) AKG K701 and 702. The Sony's have smaller ear pads that will absolutely touch your ear(by design), slightly thumpier bass, and dramatically more aggressive treble. I love them all to be honest, my ears agree with the sony… vs. Sony MDR-V6 … Before we get into the Sennheiser HD 280 Pro vs. Sony MDR 7506 comparison, grab snack, sit … I want to get into producing music and I would like to know which headphones are of higher build and audio quality. Sony MDR 7506. Sennheiser HD 280 Pro vs. Sony MDR 7506 Updated 5/4/19 2,477 word post, approx. My idea is that the sound engineer/producer wanted it to sound a particular way for a reason, so I want to try to make it sound that way as best as possible within my budgetary constraints. I have the HD497's on order and I'm kind of looking for an excuse to try out a pair of Grados since I've never heard one and people talk about them all the time. Home > Headphones comparison > Sennheiser HD 280 Pro vs Sony MDR 7506. (kidding!). Sennheiser HD 280 Pro vs Sony MDR-1R. Aktie. Related: Sony MDR V6 vs. 7506 I’ve said this a few times in some of my other articles, but I wish I hadn’t given away the HD 280 Pro in retrospect. Cable length. vs. Sony MDR-V6 Studio Monitor. While the HD280s have slightly recessed mids (though certainly not bad), this is pronounced on the V6s. read Hey there friend, and Welcome aboard!! 00. vs. vs. 18 facts in comparison. HD280s for when I want to really listen at home, and V6s when I'm on the iPod or I want to jam. They're in the top 3 bestselling wired headphones and have dozens of popular alternatives in the same price range, such as Sennheiser HD 650 or Bose 700 . vs. vs. 24 facts in comparison. Sennheiser HD 280 Pro vs Sony MDR-7506. Sennheiser HD 280 Pro. Sennheiser HD 280 Pro. My current home rig is an old Sony CDP-601ES (from back in the day when "ES" actually meant something) fed into a NAD C740 receiver. vs. Sennheiser HD 300. vs. Sennheiser HD 598. vs. Sony WH-1000XM3. Please be advised that the operator of this site accepts advertising compensation from certain companies that appear on the … For the Overall Listening Experience, Audio-Technica ATH-M50 and Sony MDR-V6 both get 9/10, having lots of good qualities and being enjoyable to use. However, the V6's had a slightly more visceral slam and thus are a little more fun and involving on the more dance/techno pieces. Sennheiser HD280 vs Audio-Technica ATH M50x for tracking & mixing ... (already had the dt770 pro 80 ohms but did sound like 40$ headphones) Share Quote. Overall, they have much in common with the Sony MDR … 1 editorial reviews. A common mod for the V6 are velour Beyer pads, which supposedly makes them even more comfortable. (I don't imagine the HD280s sound very good directly off a 5mW MD player.) The Sennheiser HD-280 (available here) are extremely popular and well-respected. i've read reviews from both and the sennheiser seem to be better in regards to sound but the sony's are said to be more comfortable. 4-5 min. OK, I'm obviously not a photographer, but I thought people considering these phones might like to get a feel for what they look like, both side-by-side and separate. But seriously, do you spend more time looking at your headphones or listening to them? 6. I take a look at two of the most popular headphones for podcasting: Sony MDR-7506 and Sennheiser HD Pro 280… The 280’s treble is also a bit darker with less sizzle than the 40x. Overall, I liked the HD280s better here. The 280’s have a 64 Ohm impedance while the HD 380’s have a 54 Ohm impedance. They're also more comfortable and … I live in a really quiet neighborhood and I do most of my home listening at night when my wife and little one are asleep, so it's hard for me to judge this, but I'd be amazed if the HD280s didn't isolate better than the V6s. I really like them! Sennheiser HD 280 Pro vs Sony MDR-V6. My answer is "it depends." Headphones - Closed Back. In fact, you know how cheesy shelf systems have built-in EQ settings on them, and the "rock" setting is usually a simple V-shape? vs. Sennheiser HD 280 Pro. The Sennheiser's are going to be my main headphone when I record myself, or when I'm doing late night mix/edit … [2] The Sony MDR-V6s are sometimes hard to find. On the iPodLounge, there have been a few people who have complained about the flatness of the iPod output--they want more bass, and the iPod's EQ isn't very good (tends to produce distortion). I will definitely be bringing these on future long road trips. Despite their acclaim, these cans just don't seem to cut the mustard. I take this as a good sign--it's a great community with tons of useful information, but of course sorry about your wallet. vs. Sony MDR 7506. vs. ... Linhuipad Replacement Leather Ear Pads Ear Cushions Durable Sponge earpads fit on SONY MDR-7506, V6… ... philbeeney macrumors 6502. Generally better definition and clarity. 50 points. So, of course, I bought both (the standard greeting to newbies on Head-Fi is "sorry about your wallet"--truer words were never spoken), and I promised blessingx a head-to-head review, so here it is. When I have a chance to travel and hang out at my in-laws some I'll have a better sense of this. If, however, you have a moderately-powered source and listen to a fair amount of classical/acoustic (probably jazz, too, but I'm not much of a jazz listener so I'm not sure), I'd recommend the HD280s. They generate a very good seal, but they put a little pressure on to do this. vs. Sony MDR 7506. vs. Sony MDR V6. Advertiser Disclosure. Popular comparisons. The headbands of both the Sony MDR V6 and the Sennheiser HD 280 Pro headphones are made out of synthetic leather and plastic and are adjustable to fit most head sizes. These headphones are not quite as iconic as the Sony MDR-7506, but they are approaching that status. I need something that is comfortable and allows me to get a good/decent mix. Those are … Sennheiser HD 569 vs Sennheiser HD 280 Pro vs Sony MDR-7506. Laying on the marketing numbers thick enough there, Sony? And if you do a mixture of these kinds of listening, then bangraman is right on--buy both.

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